Blanca Valdez Casting

is a leading provider of talent casting services to
Production Companies and Advertising Agencies.

Services Included

Casting in English
Casting in Spanish
Multi Language Casting
Accent Specific Casting
Real People for any market
Celebrities of all types
Voice-Over Casting
Print Ad/Photo Talent Search
Special Abilities
Hard to fill roles
On-Set Translators

Blanca Valdez Casting

offers co-ordinated multi location casting services via its network of partners in Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Vancouver B.C.,Toronto, Mexico City, Madrid, Paris, Rio De Janeiro, and Buenos Aires.


The busiest dedicated and independent casting facility in Los Angeles is also among the most technologically advanced.

Auditions are captured digitally and are uploaded in real-time to a secure web-server for client viewing. All editing and uploads of performances are done in-house so that actors can be assured that their images will not be missused by unauthorized parties…and our clients can be assured that their intellectual property is protected.

Blanca Valdez Casting

never shares any performance video or performer data with anyone not a party to the production being cast.

Each of our professional casting associates is bi- lingual, and all have experience in both the English and Spanish markets.We specialize in saving our clients time and money by providing a one-stop talent source….no matter what market, vector, language, or accent.

We have done it all, more than once, and we have the credits and the reputation to prove it.

No matter what you need, be it a classic NY cabbie, or a generic Spanish speaking blue eyed doctor…

We can find your talent.


some of our clients

GlobalHueOgilvy and Mather Draft F.C.B. R2C Group Mcann Erickson Grupo Gallegos ESPN Crispin,Porter,Bogusky, AlmaDDB, Smuggler Caviar Y & R Miami Y & R S.F. Dieste Dallas Dieste Miami Potter Ruiz Lopez Negrete Fox Sports Leo Burnet Chicago Leo Burnet L.A. Zubi Advertising Leo Burnet/Lapiz Bravo Group Radical Media BBDO Rubin Postaer Carlos Portugal Disney Mother Industries Casanova Pendrill TelemundoUnivision -Secret Weapon Sensis, Inc. Cultura Latin Works La agencia de Orci Davis Elen – Castells Moxie Pictures Tool of North America Biscuit Filmworks Third Street Mining Co.. • Cultura Mcgarrybowen and much more

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