Blanca Valdez Casting

provides casting services to Independent Producers, Production Companies, and Advertising Agencies.

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We at BVC know that the actors who trust us with their auditions are the foundation of our success. for way more info on free pokie slots. We will always try to provide a comfortable and professional experience …so that you can give us your best.

The better you do…

The happier our clients are!

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It’s tough to be an actor

An introduction… collected statements from people who have been where you are. MORE

Advice from show business professionals

The cheapest way to learn these things is to read this page. MORE

Advice from the production side

Remember that this is a business. You are your product. MORE

Advice from a casting director

95% or trouble and difficulty comes from the same 5% of actorrs over and over again. MORE

Advice from a few successful actors

This is a business of feast and famine. MORE

Advice to the parents of future child actors

Pursuing acting with your child is a good way to help your child develop hisself or herself into a rounded and confident person. MORE